Youth, women, and men of marginalized communities can be silenced by circumstance and society. Through exercises, conversations, and the lens of the camera, we are better able to see others, as well as ourselves. Accompagnateur Workshops support people as they come to terms with the past, embrace the present, and articulate a vision for the future.
Since 2017, I’ve worked with Saskia to help identify and achieve her goals, which includes identifying and connecting with partner organizations to do the work, secure funding, and share her story in images, words and video, proposals and grant applications, and on the website and social media.
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“Working with Alison has transformed my thinking of what the Accompagnateur Workshops can achieve. She has not only been an excellent source of inspiration but also of knowledge and understanding of how to scale the workshops.
Her deep commitment and support to ‘a small fish and a big pond’ and her focus and investment in the Accompagnateur Workshops’ success have created a true and very real partnership. Alison sees the big picture and strives to be a part of it, all in the name of reaching new heights.
Objectively, Alison has been my greatest advocate as she works tirelessly to expand the workshops and find external resources to continue addressing the complex, multifaceted struggles of fractured communities in the name of shared humanity and dignity.”
—Saskia Keeley, photographer
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