It’s almost a century since women gained the right to vote, and we are still fighting for equality in the Constitution.
Our social media campaign called for change. New Yorkers photographed themselves at kiosks around New York’s Midtown and Lincoln Center, posting selfies on social media with the hashtags #ERA, #EqualRights, and #IStandWith.
The Washington Post paid tribute to the women memorialized in “WOMEN: A Time Capsule of the American Feminist Landscape” [CP1] with a 12-page feature article. Our limited-edition portfolio is now included in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, the New York Historical Society, Vassar, and Yale.
We conceived the strategy, built and led the team, and managed the execution.​​​​​​​

We created headers for social media. People uploaded these at their profiles at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stand with these women for Equal Rights. Take a selfie with your favorite heroine from the second wave of #Feminism and post #EQUALRIGHTS in our #ISTANDWITH campaign. Let your friends know that women's rights are not recognized in the Constitution of the United States. Let your Congressmen and women know that this is the year to pass the ERA.
This campaign ran in midtown and Lincoln Center, New York City, March 5 through April 8, 2018.
Jackie Merri Meyer: Design v1
John Malcolmson: Design v2; Web 2
Alison Curry: Strategy, Development, Creative Direction, Writer & Information Architect, Web 1
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