Partying in high school and college is not new, but how kids party is. “Party like a rock star” means mixing alcohol with prescription medications — a toxic mix.
“If They Had Known” is a 35-minute documentary about the horrible tragedy of one young man and his friends and family, who wish he had known not to take prescription medication with alcohol.
If They Had Known is an educational program that supports the film to educate high school and college students about the risks of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol to save lives.
“As we approached the four-year anniversary of our documentary, “If They Had Known,” we recognized it was time to rethink and refresh our branding and marketing, and create a strategic plan for the future. Our goal was to build upon and evolve our current branding to bring new energy and awareness to our film.
From the start, the team’s genuine interest in our work and desire to help us reach our goals was evident. They approached our project with passion and energy and took the time to understand our story. In addition to the leadership team, they also employed a group of talented professionals with specific skills needed to lead us through the creative process.
With their expertise and guidance, we have a beautiful new brand and a strategic plan that focuses and optimizes our resources.”
—Genny Soper, Founder and Executive Director
Larry Silberfein: copy + concepts
Mary Warner: design
Stephanny de Paula: design interpretations for website and social media 
Caroline Curry:  social media explorations
Alison Curry: Strategy, Development, Creative Direction
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